Chandra Rolf Maeder

Chandra Rolf Maeder 1Photography for me is a voyage of discovery into the unknown, where I see shapes, colors and the dynamic play of elements in a new way again and again.

With my landscape pictures I would like to invite by means of a simple and clear picture language to the exact looking and to the completely personal feeling of the message of a moment.

After 15 years in the USA, I moved to Langenbruck in 2014. - In Sedona, the picturesque heart of Arizona, where I lived from 1999 to 2014, my affinity for digital photography began to take shape. Shortly before returning to Switzerland, I took a night shot of flashes in the Grand Canyon, published worldwide and published in TIME magazine as one of the most impressive photos of 2013.

Since my return to Switzerland, I have been working as a photographer (especially fine art photography and portraits) and as a musician.